BPC stands for “Body Protecting Compound” and is composed of 15 amino acids. It was discovered as an isolate from human gastric juice. This means it is not a foreign substance, it is naturally present in gastric acid, where it serves to protect and heal the gut. However, it is in very small quantities

When BPC 157 is concentrated it produces a high level of biological healing throughout your entire body. This is why it has gained popularity and given nicknames such as: the “Anti-inflammatory peptide” and the “Anti-ulcer peptide”.

If you have ever been diagnosed with leaky gut, irritable bowel disease (IBD) or any autoimmune conditions then this peptide will offer great benefits to you!

Experimentally, it has been demonstrated to accelerate healing in several different areas of the body, from gastric ulcers and skin wounds to tendon-to-bone injuries and damaged ligaments. Some research points to pain reduction for those that suffer from discomfort due to muscle sprains, tears and other tissue damage such as skin burns.

Research has shown that practically all organ systems appear to benefit from this specific peptide. BPC 157 holds incredible and diverse properties such as being neuroprotective, organ protective, acts as a free radical scavenger, acts protectively on the endothelium, prevents and reverses thrombus formation, improves gastrointestinal villus height, crypth depth and muscle thickness, all while having a natural anti-depressant, anti-anxiolytic and antiinflammatory effect.

What Are the Benefits of BPC 157?

1. Repairs the Brain

• It can help induce healing of the brain and nerves after a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

• Repairs the brain after a hemorrhagic stroke and can reduce swelling.

• It can protect the brain against hypoglycemic seizures (induced by insulin overdose).

2. Protects Against Drug-Induced Damage

• It can protect the gut, the brain, and liver against damage induced from NSAIDs. • Prevents aspirin-prolonged bleeding and thrombocytopenia as well as may prevent and rescue adjuvant arthritis.

• It can protect the gut from ulceration from chemotherapy drugs.

• Cuprizone-induced demyelination is an accepted way to study multiple sclerosis in animal models.

• It can counteract the demyelination of cuprizone.

3. Restores the Serotonergic Transport System

• It works on the serotonergic system.

• Significantly reduces the rate of serotonin synthesis in the:

o Dorsal thalamus o Hippocampus o Hypothalamus o Lateral geniculate body

• Increases serotonin synthesis in the nigrostriatal regions:

• Accumbent nucleus • Lateral caudate • Substantia nigral • Superior olive

BPC-157 may improve depression and anxiety by its action on serotonin, similar to that of antidepressant drugs (such as imipramine or nialamide). It can also protect the brain against serotonin toxicity as seen in serotonin syndrome via inhibition of 5-HT2A receptor binding.

4. Protects Dopaminergic System

• BPC-157 also works on the dopaminergic system (increasing release of dopamine in nigrostriatal regions).

• It can protect dopamine neurons from toxin-induced damage in models of Parkinson's Disease (PD).

• It may also protect against dopamine depletion (from stimulant use).

• For example, BPC157 can reduce repetitive OCD symptoms from amphetamine usage.

• It can also prevent haloperidol-induced super sensitivity from amphetamine usage.

5. Enhances the GABAergic System

BPC-157 acts in favor of natural homeostasis of the GABA receptors as well as enhancing the GABAergic transmission.

• It can help with anxiety by enhancing GABA neurotransmission.

• It can also help with withdrawals and tolerance from GABA-based drugs, such as diazepam, making them more effective.

• It also antagonizes alcohols effects, including acute and chronic intoxication.

6. Reverses Opioid Tolerance

BPC-157 inhibits action on the opioid system. For example, it can counteract the effects of naloxone and thiopental-induced anesthesia. BPC 157 may also act as an effective paracetamol antidote even against advanced damaging processes induced by extreme overdoses.

7. Protects the Heart

• BPC-157 can protect the vascular system.

• It protects cells against toxin induced damage.

• It can protect blood vessels from oxidative stress.

• It normalizes both high and low blood pressure.

• It also promotes formation of new blood via angiogenesis and vasculogenic.

• BPC 157 is can also counteract a prolonged QT interval (time between Q and T) from antipsychotic use.

• It can prevent death from high potassium levels (hyperkalemia), and magnesium overdose (hypermagnesemia).

• BPC 157 successfully prevents and counteracts bupivacaine cardiotoxicity.

• It can also help with arrhythmias from electrolyte imbalances.

8. Accelerates Body Repair

BPC-157 can accelerate healing of wounds. It improves the rate of healing of:

• Burns

• Eye (corneal injuries)

• Fistulas (colon, vagina)

• Intestinal anastomosis

• Ligaments

• Liver (from chronic alcohol intake or Tylenol/acetaminophen)

• Muscle

• Nerve Damage

• Scar Tissue

• Spinal Cord Injury

• Tendons

• Ulcers (Diabetic Ulcers, esophageal)

One way it does this is by its ability to increase activity of the growth hormone receptor. It can also increase collagen synthesis.BPC-157 has also shown to improve walking post-injury.

Helps with Allergies and Viruses

BPC-157 may help allergies by preventing anaphylactoid (unrelated to IgE responses) reactions. BPC-157 has viral activity on:

• Cytomegalovirus (CMV)

• Dengue types 1-4

• Feline leukemia virus

• Hepatitis A

• Herpes

• Influenza A and ARBO

• LCM virus

• Tick borne encephalitis

• West Nile fever

10. May Help Irritable Bowel Disease

Similar to cholestyramine, BPC-157 may help with esophageal reflux. One way it does this is by rescuing sphincter dysfunction. By repairing ulcers, BPC-157 can help with ulcerative colitis.

11. Helps with Ocular Dysfunction

By modulating nitric oxide and cholinergic mechanisms, BPC 157 can counteract atropine-induced mydriasis and L-arginine-induced miosis of the pupil.

12. May Help Oral Cavity

BPC-157's anti-inflammatory effects may be a useful alternative for periodontitis.

13. May Help with Urinary Incontinence

BPC-157 may help reduce stress-induced urinary incontinence BPC 157 Side

Effects :No notable adverse effects.

Peptide Therapies

The peptide therapy protocols (Amino Acid Analogs) from Rejuvenate providers are also known as secretagogues (pronounced se-creta-gog), a substance that promotes secretion. These amino acid chains communicate with the body to produce or release growth hormone. Hence a secretagogue causes the body’s own natural processes to produce growth hormone. Secretagogues do not act as growth hormones but rather stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete your stored growth hormone. The subcutaneous injection route of growth hormone stimulation is a preferred route to help slow down age and environmental reductions in growth hormone levels.


Suggested dosage for vile size of: 5mg

Suggested Frequency of use: 7 times per week - taken a.m. or p.m.

Where to inject: Injected into the body fat around the stomach area.

Suggested Injection Dosage per time: 20iu (20 Units)

What Type of water to mix with? Bacteriostatic

Water How much water to add: 2cc (6ML)