What is Keravive:

Keravive is a scalp facial that gives clogged follicles a deep clean while infusing
concentrated ingredients into the skin creating the optimal environment for natural hair growth. Healthy Hair starts with a healthy scalp. Your scalp has a community of diverse bacteria working together to create a healthy microbiome. Keravive helps that community thrive.

What does Keravive do:

PURIFY • Stimulates and opens hair follicles with light suction and gentle exfoliating Hydrafacial tip, removing excess oil and follicle-clogging debris such as dead skin cells and hair product buildup 
NOURISH • Infuses cleansed hair follicles and the surrounding skin with hydration and acocktail of rejuvenating peptides, leaving a clean, refreshed, and hydrated microbiome to support healthy, natural hair growth

BOOST • Enhance and extend the treatment with our peptide-rich take-home product which continues to support natural hair growth post-treatment by penetrating deep into each purified and stimulated hair follicle

LED LIGHT THERAPY • Stimulates circulation of blood flow to support scalp health • Reduces inflammation of the follicle to help soothe irritation • Anti-bacterial properties to support a healthy scalp microbiome • Blue − 410nm | Amber − 612nm | Light Red − 645nm Dark Red − 655nm | Infrared − 850nm

One month of Take Home Peptide Complex Spray is included with each treatment.

BENEFITS of Take Home Peptide Spray:

Boosts results of the in-office Keravive treatment at home. Nourishes the hair follicles for healthier, shinier, thicker-looking hair. For best results, use in between Keravive treatments daily.

Keravive Peptide Complex : Contains peptides and growth factors designed to support healthier, fuller-looking hair

•    Vitamin B5 and Arginine: Rejuvenates scalp and hair by replenishing moisture and hydration

•    Niacinamide: Known to provide protection against environmental stressors